I randomly choose 4 artworks in online exhibition, then I print them out.

Then I use felted wool, Heat-shrink sheets and printed images to made a collage.

Then I scanning this collage into computer and use procreate to recreate.

Drifting in the city

Last weekend, I walking around the community aimlessly. Then I saw a lot of small restaurants that I had ordered on takeaway APP but never been in real life.

I was a little shocked when I saw them because these stores were very small and dirty. But those small restaurant always give some gift. I was happy when I received these gifts.

So I added all the takeaway gifts I received (Unicorn pens, bear, and candy) in this messy pancake shop, I try to cover up the things make me feel discomfort with packaging and gifts. For example, the candy flying in the sky is actually a fly.